What people say about Kicko

Kids just love Kicko. It gives them more confidence, capability, and enthusiasm for training and playing.

Monet (aged 7)

Regular Kicko game player

It’s our own little world, it’s really fun.

Lennon (aged 12)

Regular Kicko training participant

It’s great for passing and shooting. One goal makes you concentrate and use your teammates to score.

Kane (aged 5)

First-time Kicko user

Can you please bring it back. I want to play more.

Lowland Wanderers Club Page


Definitely a fun way to improve soccer skills. The kids loved it

Les (adult)

Referee, coach & parent

It’s fantastic, I’d love one for the backyard, so I can play with Josh.

Georgia (aged 9)

First-time Kicko user

I loved it. It’s so cool, the ball never goes out.

Archer (aged 10)

Regular Kicko training participant

It’s great. I can practice my tricks.

Matt (adult)

Coach & parent

It’s bringing indoor soccer outdoors.

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