What is Kicko?

Australian-designed Kicko is the most unique football training arena available today

One inflatable unit that's portable, reliable, storable.

Kicko is a superbly constructed inflatable soccer surround, with its whole purpose to contain the football within a safe, practical and stimulating environment. The Kicko pitch is fully insured for hire or purchase and complies to all the relevant Australian standards.

One goal. Maximised ball focus, engagement and player interactivity!

The ONE goal concept...

...being small and compact it encourages the participants to keep the ball low when passing and shooting.
...creates more challenges and opportunities for transitional play.
...utilises the training space more efficiently as there is only one focal point.
...encourages the player to finesse and control the ball.

The confined space and single goal makes for the most intensive and productive ball-play imaginable.

The ground-breaking Australian design innovation.

The Kicko pitch dimensions and features are as follows:

Kicko pitches are available for hire or purchase

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