Kicko for training

Creative coaches can refine player skills more effectively by incorporating the Kicko pitch into training sessions.

Supporting training aims and guidelines.

...the first 5 and 10 metres. That’s football distance, he said. It’s an acceleration that occurs multiple times a game...

...Every program wants to maximise touches...

...When they are not with us, they play on the streets. They play with their friends. Sometimes that’s more important. They have the ball at their feet without anyone telling them what to do...

...Time spent touching the ball rather than playing a mindless number of organised games...

Excerpts from Ajax Academy guidelines

...Our approach also aims to drastically reduce the amount of time players have traditionally spent standing still in training... youth football we should primarily teach young players the proper skills and allow them to play without negative pressure, to express themselves and be allowed to make and learn from mistakes...

...This means that we have to be very conscious in deciding what we do with our precious practice time. We cannot afford to waste one minute of valuable training time on non-football-specific practice...

Excerpts from FFA National Coaching Curriculum

The ultimate training aid for coaching juniors.

  • Safe, enclosed area for kids and young teens to train and play

  • One goal provides a simultaneous attacking and defensive focal point

  • Intense engagement with the ball and concentrated focus on the ball

  • A myriad of playing situations are emulated in each session

  • Natural and instinctive reactions are developed and practiced

  • From consciously incompetent to unconsciously competent

  • Complies to ALL relevant Australian standards

  • Easy to set up and pack down, compact to use and store

The Kicko training package includes:

Set-up and pack-down is as easy as saying 1-2-3-Kicko!

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